AMS Advertising is Not Your Servant
Written by Jai Singh on May. 26 2021
Before you judge, I love AMS and I think it’s there to help authors and publishers find more profitable keywords to target their books and increase the reader base.

But, and a big one, AMS is not there to do the job that you should be doing before your setup AMS ads. I mean DO NOT treat AMS a genie that you will rub with money and it will give you profitable royalties into your dashboard.

NO NO, that will never happen!

The rule of the game is if you can sell 1 on your own to an unknown person, you can sell 1000 with AMS to bunch of unknown people.

The most important point here is “selling 1”, which mean your book should be selling organically first. You entire effort before you touch AMS is to make sure that your book is shown on the 1st page of your main keyword(s) and your Amazon book page is setup in a way that gives a clear indication to Amazon about the right customer to whom it should show your book and, of course, 10-20 reviews that can provide social proof.

Most of the authors don’t do the pre-requisite and directly jump to AMS after their book is published and then wonder why AMS is not helping them.

Now, you know the reason, AMS can only multiply what you have organically. If it’s 1, it can make it any number and if it’s 0, it means negative and you will not make any money.

Think about it! Amazon is a customer centric company and they give a lot of focus on what their customers are liking it and it will promote them further with more organic reach and cheap cost-per-click.
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